THE COMPANY consists of a bright group of advertising experts that take a scientific approach to lead generation. We provide highly motivated leads for mortgage, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and auto warranty among other verticals. We offer a variety of lead generation products for our enterprise clients, including web, live transfer, and pay-per-click models. Let our 15 years of experience ignite your business as you work side by side with our knowledgeable team.


We use scientific algorithms to generate qualified leads from consumers with "high intent." Our leads give you the greatest chance to attain more customers quickly, efficiently, and effectively due to our no-nonsense, direct approach. We are continuously developing lead generation opportunities across the internet by utilizing our core data, analytics, and innovation, which always keeps us steps ahead of our competition.

CUSTOMERS offers lead generation solutions for Fortune 1000 and mid-sized businesses. We will create a turnkey lead generation program for your specific needs. See your business achieve accelerated results and increased efficiency. We only charge on a CPL ("cost per lead") or CPC (“cost per click”) basis, so you can rest assured that you will receive leads with a fixed cost and have a predictable ROI.


Our technology uses a dynamic consent text verification system to stay within the guidelines of today's TCPA compliance regulations. We also use IP address verification with mapping, consumer analytic information like URL time on site and operating system, reverse phone and mobile phone detection, and address appending and lookup. We can also integrate with any CRM, no matter how perplexing. Our IT team is proficient in many languages and can have you up and running in hours.

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